• A remarkable 101ellwood living room

    Once you step inside the living room of any 101ellwood living room you will feel the warmth and grace of a large space that combines with the light color of the walls and the rich appointments of the pastel-colored sofa chairs and the light brown wood tables.

    A remarkable 101ellwood living room

    Every room at the 101ellwood interior apartment is designed to optimize and maximize the comfort residents. At the living room, the sofas, tables, lighting and carpet allows one to live and work comfortably. 

    The living room floor is partially carpeted with a rich soft light brown cover that contrasts with the dining room and kitchen’s gorgeous non-carpeted dark brown hardwood floor. The master’s bedroom and the other bedrooms are carpeted with a grainy light brown carpet that matches with the splendid beige and white wall colors.

    The 101ellwood living room can compete in terms of interior design, décor, color, functionality and livability. The living room can become an extension of your office while you’re on travel. You can communicate with your business associates wherever they may be inside the privacy of the 101ellwood living room. 

    The interior of the 101ellwood living room expresses an ambience of nature in modern urban living as expressed in the rich combinations of colors and forms of furniture and fixtures, combined with a grand presentation of space that eliminates monotony through a practical architectural presentation.

    Invite your guests to come over to your apartment and discuss matters inside the living room. It’s a welcome treat for them. There’s actually more living space than a hotel room in a 101ellwood living room.

    A high vertical space up in your living room, as in all the other rooms gives you a feeling of relief and comfort. You can set up office at the living room since it is an area that is presentable in terms of space, ambience, color, and functionality. Be on top of the situation by making your personal or business plans at the 101ellwood living room

    The excellent furniture and fixtures inside 101ellwood living room matched with the proactively planned interior space expresses a delightful atmosphere of art and creativity, as well as inside each apartment unit. 

    Live fully, work and play at the 101ellwood living room and enjoy the other amenities of the apartment to complement your lifestyle at the apartment. You can take your pets to the indoor pet care center if any. Should you need to “rewind” after a day’s work, you can go to the residents club or to the rooftop deck with community grill.

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